Re-design of the site for Footworks Orthotics

Martin Bell has a growing private practice of orthotics and podiatry.

Having designed Martin’s original site, he asked me to refresh the template that provides the look and feel and also upgrade the software that runs the site to keep it secure and provide more features and functionality. Having had lots of praise for his original site, he wanted to keep much of the same colour scheme and layout.

Martin had noticed that one of the ellements that generated the most interest was his “Ask a Professional” feature – so we increased the impact of that image and made sure it was on every page.

Here’s what I said about his original site:

Footworks before the refreshing design

Martin wanted a site that showcased his specialities, provided opportunities for lead generation, reflected his professionalism and provided information to his client group.

I created his site using WordPress for to allow Martin to easily update the content and structure of the page without having to know html coding.

I was particulary pleased with the logo image rollover effect and the cascading (drop down) menu system. I really enjoyed working with Martin’s creativity with photography and visual detail.