Website Support

Similarly to the website training, if I’ve been involved in creating your website, I am able to offer you a support plan to allow you to get on with your business and leave me to maintain your website’s operation.

Here’s a sketch of what it could look like:

Monthly Support Plan, including

  • Up to 2 hours support time, within which the following maintenance tasks will be completed
    • Site Backups
    • Monthly Software Update check
    • Monthly visual check and report to you of recomendations
  • You may also request time (used up in 15 minute chunks) to be spent on other tasks e.g. – telephone/email enquiries, work requests, fix-it requests, adding functionality etc.
  • I will aim to make an initial response to your request within 24 hours except when I am annual leave in which case I’ll respond within 24 hours of return.
  • If the work will take longer to be completed, I’ll give you a time-scale.
  • Additional Support time is available and will be billed as agreed per hour (see below)

The Cost

Monthly Plan

  • £50 per calendar month
  • Paid on the first working day of each month by standing order in to my DesignByDavid Bank Account
  • I will send you an invoice to cover each month

Further Support Time

Further website support can be purchased at a rate of £50/hour. This could be used for:

  • Training
  • Website enhancements
  • Routine maintenance
  • Etc.