WordPress Training in and around Bristol

One of the key things about having a website is the ability to keep it up to date yourself. It is a core value of my website design that I empower my clients to  take control of their website and manage news and changes to the content as and when they need to.

In the past, I worked full time as an IT Trainer delivering 1, 2 or 3 day courses in a variety of computer programs. I even had a one day course titled “An Introduction to the Internet”! Did you know that Her Majesty, The Queen, sent her first email in 1979?

WordPress Training in Bristol

l feel much more confident about using WordPress

I have two 3 hour WordPress Training courses which I am able to offer to my clients and others (in or around Bristol) following the design and implementation of their website.

  • Firstly there is the WordPress User Training which introduces WordPress and, if you don’t need to know how to manage all the security updating etc, this course just gives you the basics of how to create and manage the content of your site (pages, posts, images etc).
    See the WordPress User Training Course Outline for more information
  • Secondly there is the WordPress Administrator Training, which continues on where the User Training left off and covers most aspects of maintaining a WordPress site, including managing settings, increasing functionality and of course updating and backing up!
    See the WordPress Administrator Training Course Outline for more information

Bespoke WordPress Training/Consultancy

I’d recommend him

I’ve been having success with an alternative way of providing training recently. This is usually helpful after, at least, the WordPress User Training course outlined above (or equivalent experience). It involves me continuing to train you while you build your WordPress website. You do all the work with me there to guide and advise on best practice and suggest useful plugins, design methods or features in WordPress.


David’s instruction was clear and professional, and l feel much more confident about using WordPress.

Justine, Whitehaven Trust

David knows WordPress and other PC applications like the back of his hand. His training style is relaxed and friendly whilst highly effective, good value and convenient. I’d recommend him.

Paul, Irate Investment

I have learnt a great deal about WordPress and following the training, I use the website with confidence.

Louise, Downs and Surrounds Children’s Centres


I charge £200 for a three hour session.